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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Crinoline Roses from the AP Cartridge

So I decided that I really loved the crinoline flowers that Tammy Tutterow made on her blog recently but I don't want to sit and cut with scissors and I don't own any other cutters except for my Cricut.  You can also use your cricut markers installed in your cricut and let it draw the cutting lines and then handcut them.  This would save your cricut blades.  I have the Close To My Heart Art Philosophy cartridge and love the flowers so....I cut some out of crinoline and this is what I got.
So then I used my Smokey Plum Ink and a daubber and inked the edges darker and the center lighter.
Then I rolled the flower from the outside to the center
Before gluing, I inked the edges using the distressing technique and my dauber.  The dauber is really getting kinda tore up because of the fabric being so rough on the edges.  I will try to find a different way to do the edges.
Then I glued it down with my hot glue gun.  Rolled the edges with my bone folder, it was really easy because the fabric bends so easy and nice.  And here is the finished product.
So tomorrow I will show you the page that I am going to make to use these on.  Thanks for looking


  1. These are awesome! Where do you get the crinoline? Do you use a deep housing blade?
    These would be fun with a gem in the middle!!

    Thanks for the great tutorial!

  2. I used a new blade on 5 and a new sticky mat would have made it smoother - SLOW slow slow cut. I got the crinoline at Joanns with the toweling and stuff. It is 100% cotton, semi tight weave and stiff fabric.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to seeing how you are going to use it. I won a cricut but have not yet tried cutting anything beyond paper.